EVA : Embodied Voice Assistant
An open-source social robotics platform
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About EVA

EVA (Embodied Voice Assistant) is an open-source robotics platform. Eva provides most of the resources to build a fully functional social robot at an affordable cost, and design to create interactions for specific contexts and populations.

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Get Started

Eva's repository provides all the elements to make your own social robot, such as 3D models, software, diagrams, and guidelines to assemble it using open-hardware solutions such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino-based card-boards.

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You can choose between a mini or regular size of embodiment. Depending on your needs, you can include components to enable speech interface, touch-screen interface, image recognition, body gestures, and mobile platform. EVA is an open-source project, so you get the sources (3D models, software, diagrams) to personalize and add new features/components to your robot.


Real-time operation

The operator app allows control and configures the robot's behavior. For example, you can configure speech interface language, create or edit predefined responses such as utterances, audios, movements, light animations, and facial expressions. Furthermore, a human operator can control in real-time the robot's behavior using the Wizard-of-Oz module.


Autonomous Interactions

The visual programming module allows the makers to design autonomous interactions. Under a visual programming paradigm, you can create the interaction's flows based on user inputs and define the robot's responses combining utterances, gestures, facial expressions, or actions such as play music tracks. The designed interactions are stored, and you can use them at any time.